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SilverWulf is owned and operated by Lance Winder and Jeremy Kelso.  Their well-trained and friendly staff follow examples of patience and empathy when it comes to these confusing issues.

SilverWulf offers support for every technology and has experience helping people out in every industry.  

  • Fast

  • Friendly

  • Affordable

SilverWulf is your one stop shop for all your technology needs.  We provide the peace of mind you need so you can get back to work, family, or even just back to having fun.

There is no customer too large or too small.  SilverWulf was built by servicing individual home users and grew by managing local businesses.  Today, we thrive with customers of all sizes, treating each as genuine as we ever have.

Whether you need a printer hooked up in the family room or a server overhaul in the main branch, SilverWulf has you covered with our fast, reliable, and affordable service. 


We're here to help. Period.


Technology is complicated, frustrating, and... everywhere.

We're here to help make life easier for people in world of growing technological complexity... With kindness and patience